Bridal Rebates

Guaranteed Money Back for the Bride & Groom

Blue Direct buy getaways provides you and your guests the absolute best pricing guaranteed and the quality service you’ve grown to expect with Blue Destination Weddings and Honeymoons.

Our new Bridal Rebate Rewards program make your destination wedding more affordable than ever. Participating Blue preferred property partners have helped us create an unbeatable program that we are offering to our Blue Destination Weddings and Honeymoon Clients.

Smart couples choose Blue, here’s why:

      • You're The Hero! all attending guests can save as much as $225.00 per booking

And if that's not good enough...

      • The Bride & Groom can receive up to $100.00 for every qualifying vacation package your guests purchase to attend the destination wedding up to the total cost of your wedding package!!

Many couples have their travel portion completely paid for with our exclusive rebate program. (click on the cute little pig above for program details)

Plus you still receive all the other benefits of working with Blue.

      • Blue’s Amplified Extra's Program
      • Blue’s Layaway Program
      • Honeymoon Registry

You determine the budget, Blue Destination Weddings delivers the dream.

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