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  • Why Choose A Destination Wedding?

    Why Choose A Destination Wedding?

    Congratulations on getting engaged! We can guess that you either have put 100% thought into wedding plans since you were a toddler, or you are freaking out, and have no idea where to turn or what options available to you. Many couples also have never considered a destination wedding, either. The truth is, a destination wedding can be the most fun, and the cheapest option for your wedding. Here are some of the top reasons on why a destination wedding might be the best option for you!

    - Destination weddings are normally much cheaper than traditional weddings. It's true! A smaller guest size means a cheaper wedding, and for a destination wedding, usually not a ton of guests are involved. There are also hotels and resorts out there that offer special destination wedding packages, so you get the most bang for your buck.

    - It's your dream day, and you feel like you never want it to end. The cool thing about destination weddings is that in 99% of cases, they last more than a day. On average, they last at least 3-5 days! A destination wedding allows you to keep on dreaming.

    - You have your destination wedding, and it was a blast. Never want to leave? Extend your stay! A lot of couples that have a destination wedding stay in the location they got married in for their honeymoon. It's much cheaper that way, and saves a ton of extra planning. Why leave what already seems like paradise?

    - If you are literally a blushing bride, or the groom-to-be doesn't like to have the spotlight on him, a destination wedding makes it so you don't have to have so many people staring at you. You two are still the main attraction while not having near-to hundred of eyes on you. It's a unique reason to consider a destination wedding.

    - Destination weddings seem like a lot of work, but they're much easier to plan than a traditional wedding. While many brides go head-to-head with the wedding planners they hire to help, you usually only have to work with a travel agent and maybe a wedding consultant for a destination wedding. They make sure to fit your vision, and save you time and money. Once all the booking and legalities of travel are taken care of, most times all you have to do is cross out the days on your calendar.

    - Be in the "now!" Destination weddings are a growing trend over the years, and more and more couples have been opting-in for marrying away from home. There's no need for old-fashion eloping. A destination wedding allows for you to experience something new and exciting, while still including the people you love. It also gives you an excuse to travel. You've always wanted to see the rainforests of Costa Rica? Or climb the Mayan ruins of Mexico? What better excuse than, "I'm getting married!"

    - Weddings can be overwhelming. With all the people you feel you'd have to invite, it can be awkward catching up with Great Aunt Harriet who wants to know when she'll have great-great nieces or nephews, or why you don't visit with her as often anymore. In a destination wedding, usually only a few guests are invited, making it stress-free. Destination weddings give the couple the intimacy they want between their closest family and friend, awkward formalities aside.

    If you're on the road to getting married, consider a destination wedding. It may be something you never gave any thought to, but you should now. With all the benefits of a destination wedding, it can be the day you've always dreamed of, and so much more.

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