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  • Tips On Saving Money For Your Destination Wedding

    A destination wedding can be the ideal decision for your big day. Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular, for so many reasons! But, now what? You've decided on a destination wedding, and one of the reasons you did is because you heard it can be cheaper than a traditional wedding. This is true if you play your cards right. So how do you save money on your destination wedding? Let me tell you some advice and tricks for you so you can plan your destination wedding on a budget!

    Pick The Best Time

    - Traveling around spring break, or big holidays like Christmas will definitely take a large chunk of your wedding budget. The actual money-saving time to book is the off-season. In addition, if you pick one of those busy times, it's likely the guests you want to invite already have holiday plans for that time.

    - Thinking you're clever and planning a destination wedding near a smaller holiday like Mother's Day or Sweetest's day? Not so clever! Your travel budget will be saved, but the price of other things like flowers, bakeries, etc are raised from the businesses being in high demand.

    - Weather is important to consider also. Places abroad are at risk of strong hurricane seasons, or some places in the US have high tornado seasons. Make the timing right so the weather doesn't ruin your day!

    - Some resorts or airlines give discounts depending on when your travel! It also depends on your destination, because different destinations have different off-seasons. Paying attention to significant details about your timing is important if you want to save money.

    Go Local, Don't Go Home

    - When you choose your wedding venue abroad, don't go in thinking the setting will clash with what you had planned. The background of exotic plants or flowers can really add to the feel of your wedding and wedding photos. Save on your wedding decor by using the location as the decor. Don't skip over the locale, base the design of your venue around it!

    Make It Official Beforehand

    - In most cases, if you're having a destination wedding, you will be entering territory foreign to you, even if it's just a neighboring state. Each state or country has different legal requirements, and some countries have restrictions on how long you have to be in the country before your marriage can be legal. Making it official at your local court can save on time and money.

    Intimacy Can Be Key

    - Often, destination weddings are had due to the intimacy between the couple and the guests they invite. Those closest to you are usually the ones that score the invitation. Don't be afraid to cut down the guest list to save on cost. This will give you more room to play around with your budget in other parts of your wedding. Less guests mean you can spend more on making the day/s a blast. You can invite your best friend without feeling guilty about discluding your best friend's brother's cousin's sister.

    - Inviting a limited number of guests also ensures that you will have more fun, since you won't have to split your time between a bunch of people. You can just relax with those closest to you, and make your wedding day stress-free.

    - Also, it's just common courtesy to give your guests a lot of time in advance. Let them know about your plans or receive the invitation as soon as possible, that way they have time to plan accordingly so they can share in the celebration with you.

    - Most couples having a destination wedding have another small reception/party back at home for the guests that couldn't attend or they couldn't invite. That way, everyone can celebrate your marriage with you!

    Strength In Numbers

    - Group rates are almost always cheaper than going solo. Try to coordinate with your guests, see how many can fly out at the same time with you. Some airlines offer awesome group airfare pricing.

    - Booking by groups at the hotel or resort you and your fiancee are staying at can also have some stellar group-booking rates. This is another time to try to coordinate with guests so you all can possibly get discounts on your rooms!

    The idea of a destination wedding can seem daunting, especially if the location you choose is another country. But if you think smart and plan strategically, you can save a lot of money on your big day. And if you choose us, Blue knows about some of the best discounts and tricks to help you save money! Make sure you can enjoy your wedding, instead of having panic attacks over your budget!

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