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  • The Dress, The Groom…What About The Decor?

    So, you're getting married on a beach. You picked the perfect wedding dress, and your man is dressed picture perfect. You two will be a vision, especially if you followed Blue's advice (hint hint) But, there's more things to account for! You know how you'll look, but what about your ceremony? Your reception?

    Installment 3 of our tips and examples for beach weddings covers pretty much everything else- the décor, the cake, the ceremony setups, and other adorable details that will make for a blast of a beach wedding, check it out!

    Ceremony Setting 

    Splashes Of Color- You can make the beach setting pop by using bright colors to contrast the lighter, neutral tones of the sand and ocean. Colors like indigo, sunny yellow, hot pink, bright red, or sunset orange make for a stand-out beach ceremony.

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    Tables And Centerpieces

    Complement The Beach- You're getting married on a beach- take advantage! This is where you get to put creativity to work and have beachy accents, like seashell candles, coral wrapped vases, or starfish-accented lanterns. Make it an actual beach wedding!

    xxx xx



    The Bouquet 

    Not JUST Flowers-  To a bride, the bouquet she carries is a decoration complementing her and her wedding. It's an important accent. And when the wedding is on a beach, the bouquet can be more than just flowers. Add some small, cute seashells, use beachy, Hawaiian flowers, or eloquently use cute beach brooches like starfish or anchors!

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    Don't Forget The Favors

    Life's A Beach-  Wedding favors are meant to have cute little puns, it's not cheesy if it's for a wedding (they're not cheesy ever, if you're me) so go for it! Flip flops are a good favor for your guests, so they can wear them on the beach and then have a pair of shoes to take home. There are bunches of cute beachy favors you can give your guests.

    wwww ww



    There are so many cute ideas you can do for a destination beach wedding, from the flowers to the centerpieces, make your wedding a fun, special day on the beach.

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