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  • Fun Guest Book Alternatives

    Many brides want their wedding to be different than the average wedding. One of the things that brides are putting a unique twist on is the guest book.

    The guest book is important for the couple in different ways; remembering who was able to attend, having a momento from the wedding specific to those who shared the special day, who to send thank you cards to for attending, etc. And having a unique guest book is a different, modern way to make your wedding even more memorable. A special twist on a guest book is especially fitting for a destination wedding, which is already different in itself!

    Check out these ideas from Blue on the cool, different ways of having your guest book!


    Fun Photos-

    A cute twist on a guest book would be to have the guests take photos of themselves, and slide it into a photo album. You could have a photobooth for just that reason! The guests could also write any messages they'd like to add to the couple next to their picture. This way, you'd have a sweet and potentially funny guest book with even more pictures from your wedding, AND the guests could have a copy of their photos to take home with them.
























    If Photos Aren't Enough-

    The technology of this day and age is truly impressive, if you really think about it. We've graduated from simple video cameras to phones or tablets that are capable of video recordings. For the more modern couple, or for those who want a more personal feel, try a video guest book! Have some kind of video recording device, like an iPad, at a booth where guests can record their best wishes for the couple. Later, the videos would be combined into on beautiful message video for the couple to watch later!
























    Wedding Memories Quilt-

    The idea for this type of "guest book" is to have the guests sign quilt pieces, for them all to be sewn into a full quilt later. This stuck out to me as a better alternative to a book. A guilt is something that you could actually use. You could have this hanging as a decoration and memento of your big day in your house. Or you could use it as part of your bedding; it is a quilt after all.























    For The Christmases To Come-

    Instead of having just the plain, boring ornaments on your first tree as a married couple, why not have unique ornaments with loving messages towards your marriage? Having guests write their well-wishes on Christmas ornaments is a fantastic guest book alternative. It's also a cool idea if you know there will be children in attendance. This idea goes towards decorations for your first holiday together, and there are ways for easy storage rather than having another book thrown into the Rubbermaid bins of photo albums in your closet!





















    A Never-Ending Alternative-

    The first few years of marriage can be difficult for even the closest of couples. It's normal to be afraid of keeping the love alive, or making sure time is spent together. Most couples seek advice from others, so why not get it as early as possible? A creative and helpful alternative to a guest book is an advice or date idea jar. Have guests write down cute date ideas for the couple, or advice on what to do after your first argument, or money-saving tips. This is a type of guest book that will help you for years to come!























    The Traveling Guestbook-

    This particular idea is specifically perfect for a destination wedding! There are even a few options for how guests choose to sign. They can sign near where they themselves are from, or where they've always wanted to travel themselves in hopes to live vicariously through the newlywed's travels. Or they could sign near their favorite places traveled, as advice to the couple on where they should visit. They could even write their favorite hotels or places to go in that location! It's a treasure trove of future vacation ideas.
















    A guest book is often an overlooked feature when planning your wedding. But there are so many creative and wonderful ways to commemorate who attended your wedding, that can make it fun for the guests too! We love to hear your ideas, so comment below or visit Blue's Facebook and share your unique guest book alternatives with us!







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