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  • Five Reasons Why Destination Weddings Are THE BEST

    credit: Four Season Hualalai

    credit: Four Season Hualalai


    A white sandy beach in Hawaii? Sure! A lively venue in Puerto Rico? Why not! With so many exciting destinations around the world, couples can say ‘I do’ anywhere they please -- and social media is constantly offering up inspiration on where to wed with posts depicting gazillions of  gorgeous spots.

    Clearly, we at Blue Destination Weddings and Honeymoons are fans of the destination wedding. And with wedding planning season revving up, here are five reasons why we think destination weddings are truly the best:

    {1.} They're Virtually Stress-Free
    With destination weddings a booming business, resorts around the world have made it easier and more appealing to wed on-site in beautiful destinations. And with professional wedding planners on-staff, you’ll be working with an expert who can take care of all the ceremony details. Even governments are working to ease restrictions and attract to-be-weds.


    {2} You’ll Stand Out
    Sure, destination weddings are becoming more and more common, but how cool is it to be the only one in your squad who’s getting hitched on the shores of Bora Bora? Or with the setting sun in Maui as your backdrop? While your buds are all getting married at the same venues around town, you’ll be the bride-to-beat with your unique wedding choice.


    {3.} They're Cost Effective
    Surprise! Sometimes just the thought of traveling seems to ring up dollar signs, but there are a ton of resorts out there that offer exquisite wedding packages at affordable prices -- with rebates and special discounts to boot. And with a stunning beach background, who needs to splurge on costly flowers and decorations? Bonus perk -- stay a few extra days at the resort and it’s a wedding and honeymoon all rolled into one!

    {4.} You Call the Shots
    Who wants rules on their wedding day? Wanna wear a sundress? Go for it! In the mood to kick off your shoes and go barefoot? Sure, why not. If you can dream it, you can do it.

    {5.} Destination Weddings Are a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity
    When else will you have a good enough reason to take off a week from work and enjoy an exotic locale with your friends and family? Destination weddings are a celebratory getaway. You can arrive a few days early, get your paperwork out of the way, and then enjoy margaritas on the beach with your soon-to-be spouse and guests. How often do you have the opportunity to spend quality (beach) time with your closest family and friends?

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