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  • Destination Wedding Quiz

    Have you decided on a destination wedding? Destination weddings can be any type of celebration you want it to be, traditional or non-traditional. It's also a good way to be more intimate with your guests, and to visit an exciting and exotic location. Yet, that's just the thing- where would you like to go? With so many fun and beautiful countries (or states too) it's hard to imagine having to choose. Blue is here to help! Take this short, fun quiz to see what your perfect destination wedding location should be! 


    Which is the Perfect Destination Wedding Location for Me? 

    1. What can you be found doing in your spare time?

    a. I'm a social butterfly- I'm either out with friends or at a party!

    b. I like to relax- Get a good tan or pampering myself with a massage or manicure.

    c. I'm a homebody- I curl up with a good book, or catch up with Netflix.

    d. I like to find new things to do- I'm up for learning to tango or going to a festival!

    e. I'm always on the move- I'm either at the gym, or finding somewhere to hike or climb.


    2. Which of these movies would you choose to watch? 

    a. Pitch Perfect

    b. Titanic

    c. The Breakfast Club

    d. Whatever the newest movie is in theaters!

    e. The Blind Side


    3. There are so many different types of food, but which is your go-to type of dish? 

    a.  If it isn't burning my tongue, then it isn't spicy enough!

    b. A good cooked steak and some decadent chocolate afterwards!

    c. I'm pretty simple- a burger or grilled chicken goes a long way for me.

    d. I love to try new, exotic dishes.

    e. I try to eat healthier, salads or soups are my go-to.


    4. If we told your other half your idea of a perfect date, what would we tell them? 

    a. Going out to a party or heading out for some dancing.

    b. A candlelit dinner or a couple's massage.

    c . Cuddling up together at home or a walk in the park together.

    d. Something new, like a wine tasting or finding a new bar we've never been to.

    e. I want to DO something- like zip lining or a hike through a forest.


    5. Which words best describe you?

    a. Fun, loud, and friendly.

    b. Romantic, unique, and artsy.

    c. Simple, caring, and reflective.

    d. Exciting, impulsive, adventurous.

    e. Fit, intelligent, on-the-go.


     6. You know we'd ask you your favorite color!

    a. Red

    b. Pink

    c.  Blue

    d. Yellow

    e. Green


    7. Which wedding dress would you choose?

    a. DRESSA


    b. DRESSB



    c. DRESSC


    d. DRESSD



    e. DRESSE



    8. What's your favorite season?

    a. Summer

    b. Winter

    c. I can't choose- I love things about each one!

    d. Fall

    e. Spring


    9. What kind of music do you usually listen to?

    a. Pop, hip-hop, techno, rock, as long as I can dance to it!

    b. I like any kind of love song

    c. Classic rock

    d. I like to listen to whatever is new on the radio!

    e. Something fast-paced and upbeat, to keep me motivated


    10. Lastly, which picture appeals to you most?

    a.  LASTAA


    b. LASTB


    c. LASTC


    d. LASTD


    e. LASTE




    Mostly A's:

    You love to go out with your friends, and hate having to stay home. It's okay to love to party! You sound like you'd love to get married in a place with some Spanish flair! A place like Los Cabos, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, or Costa Rica would be a great fit for your fun personality. Punta Cana in the DR is perfect for those craving the sun and white sand. Costa Rica has a fantastic nightlife scene. Cancun in Mexico is one of the ultimate places to party, and Los Cabos is full of color and culture. Whatever the Spanish location, you'll never run out of things to do in any of them. From water sports, clubbing, shopping, and some of the top-rated all-inclusive resorts, the Spanish countries have everything to offer for the party-going couple!

    Mostly B's:

    We can find you crying over the Notebook, or spending the night with your SO, so you need somewhere romantic! Europeans are well-known for their romantic charm. If you want a more elegant and romantic wedding, European countries like Italy, France, and Ireland could be the ideal place. A gorgeous castle on the Emerald Isle may suit your fancy, or eating at some of the most romantic locations in Italy could have you swooning. And France has more to offer than just the Eiffel Tower! These European countries are overflowing with rich culture and romantic spaces. You'll be stuck in the honeymoon phase once you're home from all the intimacy and charm of the most notoriously romantic countries in the world.

    Mostly C's:

    You enjoy the simpler things in life, and that's still wonderful! That means you don't have to travel too far from home for your destination wedding. Picking somewhere within the continental US is still loads of fun, but with the advantages of knowing you're still "home." Try Nevada, Oregon, or Hawaii on for size. We all know Nevada has the exciting allure of Vegas, while Hawaii has the sparkling blue waters and swaying palms. Don't knock Oregon till you try it- with some beautiful coastlines of its own and lush forest greenery, it makes a beautiful landscape for a wedding. Dig your feet into the American sand, while still having a stunning, awesome wedding.

    Mostly D's:

    You were that one throughout school that would never back down from a dare. You love trying new things or having new experiences, and you're wishing for some sort of adventure! You should be in an African country where you can go on a safari like Tanzania or Kenya, or a bustling Asian country like Japan, where a whole new culture with quirky customs awaits you. You could even pick somewhere in India, like Jaipur, for a more regal and different atmosphere. Don't be afraid to expect the unexpected, but of course, you would embrace every experience head on in these unique, wonderful places for a destination wedding.

    Mostly E's:

    Last but not least, you're the thrill-seeker. You can't sit still, and you're usually found out on a jog or working out in the gym. You love to vacation, because then you can do things like rock climbing, snowboarding, or water skiing. For your thrill-seeking personality, you could go somewhere like Chile, where there's ideal places for white water rafting, or go zorbing in New Zealand (you read right- Zorbing is rolling downhill in a giant ball. Or you could go powerboating in the ocean around the UK. There's lots of thrilling options for you all around the world!

    We hope you enjoyed our quiz, and hopefully it even gave you a little insight on where you'd like to have the best destination wedding for you. Connect with us on Facebook and let us know what your result was!

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