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  • Destination Wedding Locations: Across The Globe

    There are so many exotic, beautiful, culturally-rich countries around the globe that would be perfect for a destination weddings. For those who have always wanted to travel and have yearned for an adventure, getting married abroad is the perfect solution. There are so many wonderful countries to choose from, and to help any bride and grooms to-be choose the location for their perfect day, I've compiled a list of five of the best countries for a destination wedding!
    When someone says Ireland, one of the first thoughts to pop into one's head is "green." Known as the "Emerald Isle,"  Ireland is famous for its lush green hills, and they'd be a perfect backdrop for any wedding photo. With hundreds of miles of charming cliffed coastline, Ireland is a beautiful country. Its capital, Dublin, is a popular tourist destination known for the warm hospitality of the local community. And of course, for the beer lovers, Dublin is the pub capital of the world with plenty of Guinness to go around. There are other historical medieval cities and many towns with shops and authentic cobblestone streets. With so many sights to see, Ireland is the place for a destination wedding!
    Costa Rica
    Dazzling rainforests, black sand beaches, and rich ecosystems are only a glimpse of what Costa Rica has to offer. If you wanted, you could even get married at the site of a dormant volcano! A tropical climate will make you and your guests happy as can be. Costa Rica is a small country, so everything is close enough to get to in a shorter amount of time. Costa Rica is full of rich culture, with backgrounds mixed with African, Spanish, and Native American roots. This helps with activities to do- there's lots of dancing like merengue or Costa Rican swing to learn. You could take a tour of an exotic rainforest or go horseback riding in the mountains.  Costa Rica is a favorite location for a destination wedding.
    Home of some of the world's most gorgeous beaches, Fiji is a country that should definitely be on your list of options. The islands of Fiji are lined by soft-coral reefs that are perfect for snorkeling around to catch glimpses of unique sea life. It's the perfect place for parasailing or kayaking, and many other water sports too. There are many Fijian waterfalls to visit, and swaying palm trees fit for postcards. Fiji is the heart of the South Pacific, and is a majestic and tropical choice for a wedding.
    Ah, Italy...the city of romance. Italy is full of art, history, breathtaking cities and some of the best food around the globe. The country has so much to offer, in every city. Tuscany is one of the most famous wine capitols of the world, and Milan is the heart of Italian design, full of authentic boutiques and elaborate cathedrals. And of course, there's always the famous gondola rides through the canals in Venice. Italy is the perfect mix of modern and historic landscapes.
    One of the most whimsical places in the United Kingdom, Whales gives any destination wedding that takes place there a magical touch. Bordered by England and the rest by sea, there's plenty of beautiful beaches to visit and have your wedding ceremony at. It's also full of looming mountains, making for a picturesque backdrop, and lots of climbing and hiking adventures to be had. If you want to see the beautiful scenery with walking as the only movement, you can tour the grand Celtic castles, full of Welsh myth and wonder. You could even have your wedding inside one!
    There are so many adventures to be had across the globe, and a destination wedding is the perfect excuse to go one! Whether you want to get married in a country full of gorgeous beaches, or a country with plenty of history in every city, any of the countries on this list will accommodate your wedding vision to a T. 
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