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  • Best Destination Wedding Favors

    If you've decided to have a destination wedding, there are some aspects that may be baffling to you. One issue at hand is wedding favors. It's the courteous thing to do for your guests. After all, they paid to come to your wedding, whether through airfare or gas money. So, what unique wedding favors could you give the guests of your destination wedding? Feel free to take a couple ideas out of Blue's book!


    Luggage Tags

    What would be a better memory of your destination wedding than luggage tags with a personal touch. It could be anything from a thank you slid inside or a picture from the wedding. Add flair to your guest's luggage when they travel themselves. Everytime they travel, they'll have memories of their awesome trip to your wedding, giving them inspiration to make their own travels just as wonderful!



    Beach Towels

    This is another favor that is perfect for a destination wedding on a beach. It's also another favor with more than a one-time use. Your guests can wrap themselves up in memories of of your wedding. A beach towel is a cheaper option for you, even if you decide to personalize them for your guests. You could put your wedding date onto it, or maybe a wedding photo beach towel. A personalized beach towel gives you more creative freedom with your wedding favors!



    Local Specialties

    Your guests have traveled to your wedding. Why not simply give them a local specialty? Depending on your location of choice, there's many interesting or potentially tasty things to give your guests. This is also a cheaper option, because this is another way you could take advantage of your local surroundings. Add a personal touch such as a cute handwritten tag, or creative design. Some examples would be authentic Hawaiian coconut oil, Italian olive oil, potent Mexican hot sauce, or delicious French macaroons.



    Map Magnets

    For an extra unique twist on an already unique wedding, clear magnets with a piece of map that had the location of your destination wedding on it is a spectacular wedding favor. Your guests will have memories of your wedding on their fridge. It can be quite the chic decor for their kitchen that's sure to get asked about when someone visits their house. Your wedding will still be talked about for the long run this way!




    This is the perfect wedding favor if you're having your destination wedding on a beach. You'd be surprised about the little things that people forget when they travel. I have a feeling that sunglasses are on the list of top 5 things that people forget (I need more than two hands to count how many times that I have.) This is a lasting wedding favor that guests could use for a long time. Everytime they go to put on their cool new sunglasses, they'll remember how they obtained them!



    There are so many ways you can give back to your guests for them to remember your wedding by. The wedding favors you give out allow you a lot of creative leeway, and you can choose whatever you see fit. Whether a temporary favor with flair or a permanent favor full of memories, your guests will have a memory of the special day they shared with you, and will truly realize that you sureĀ are a gracious host!



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