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  • Beach Weddings: How To Dress The Groom

    Last week, we posted about the best beach wedding dresses for brides. But a wedding wouldn't be a wedding without the groom too! So what should your man wear when you’re tying the knot in the sand?

    Ditch the Tux

    If you were to see a man standing on a beach in a full-blown tuxedo, I know the first thing you'd be thinking is how out of place he seems. As classy as tuxedos look, a beach wedding is meant to be a less casual affair. Your groom can look great at the same time as fitting in with the beach and being comfortable.

    Your Surroundings

    Often for beach weddings, the groom’s attire also depends on the beach around you. Make the groom’s clothing compliment the beautiful beach setting!

    Also, depending on just how formal the bride wants her ceremony, the groom could even unbutton the top button of his shirt, and ditch the jacket or blazer too. Some beach grooms even wear shorts, especially if it’s really hot. If she’s going for a little more formality, a blue blazer and khakis are a good, stand-out option. Let’s be honest- what the groom wears is what the bride sees in her ideal vision. 











    Complimenting The Wedding Dress

    If your beach bride is wearing a flowy, soft dress, have your groom match you! For beach grooms, loose flowing shirts are a good way to go. You’ll also want him to avoid wearing all white- go sand or wheat, to again, compliment your beach ceremony. Another good color is a navy blue, which would complement the ocean waves. As for your groom’s material, cotton and linen are the best for marrying on a beach. Silk seems popular, but it isn't durable. And perspiration stains it easily- no one wants that.

    Whether your ceremony is on the dock over the beach or in the sand next to ocean mist, taking all of this into account will make your groom compliment you perfectly, and blend in with the beautiful beach!





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